The Omega Series – A Blunt Comparison of Features

Comparison of Omega JuicersThe Omega Nutrition System Juicer Series includes the J8003, J8004, J8005, and J8006 slow speed mastication-style juicers. Given that these are similar style juicers built with the intention of maximizing flavor and nutrients, the four models can blend together in terms of features, pros, and cons. You may wonder which one to purchase, and which will suit your juicing needs best. If you are unsure of the differences between them, our guide is here to help.

The J8004 vs. the J8006

It’s time for the big reveal! The J8004 and J8006 are essentially the same. The only major differences between them come down to color and price. The J8004 is cheaper; so if you don’t mind it being white versus black and chrome, you may find it to be the better buy.

The J8003 vs. the J8005

The J8003 and J8005 are essentially the same, except the J8005 is available in black and chrome. Again, if the color is not important to you, you can save a few bucks by purchasing the J8003.

The J8003/J8005 vs. the J8004/J8006

The real comparison of products comes down to two groups; the J8003 and J8005 versus the J8004 and J8006. And again, they’re quite similar.

When put under scrutiny, the biggest difference between the J8003/J8005 models and the J8004/J8006 models is that the latter have much stronger augers – eight times stronger, in fact. In comparison to other products, Omega’s auger moves more slowly, which results in the juice tasting and staying fresher for a longer period.

The biggest determining factor for which juicer you should buy comes down to personal preference. Do you want a higher quality, better tasting juice that keeps longer? Or are you happy with the standard, lesser quality performance of a basic juicer?

If you intend to juice a greater variety of things over a longer period and believe the durability of a more powerful auger will benefit your needs, the J8004/J8006 are for you. If you’re not a hardcore juicer and the added power isn’t necessary, you can save money by purchasing a more basic model, the J8003/J8005. Of course, the J8004 and the J8005 are close in price, so if you’re fine with the color, the J8005 may be the better buy.

Also, the J8004/J8006 comes with a 15-year warranty, whereas the J8003/J8005 has a 10-year warranty. If you’d rather have five extra years of protection, the choice is clear.

The Bottom Line

Omega’s slow speed mastication juicers are top of the line products. No matter which you decide to purchase, you’ve made the right choice. The ultimate decision comes down to how serious you are about juicing. While the J8004/J8006 models are technically more expensive, they are affordable considering the resulting juice quality.

You can purchase Omega juicers through Omega’s official website at the list price. Alternatively, you can find each of these models for sale on Amazon, often for a cheaper price versus purchasing direct from the manufacturer. Either way, you will receive the warranty on any new Omega product.

Until next time, happy juicing!

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